Hot Tubs and Pools

A hot tub or pool is the perfect way to escape into the garden all year round, whether you wish to enjoy quiet time alone, entertain with friends or host a party.

Hydrotherapy is an ideal way to induce relaxation. When the body is under water it becomes buoyant which relieves pressure on the joints. Warm water and direct pressure aimed at specific points on the body release natural muscle relaxers called endorphins which increase circulation assisting the body to recover more quickly.

In 2004 we formed 'The Welsh Hot Tub Company', a subsidiary of the business to provide quality spas, swim spas and hot tubs along with specialist advice and servicing throughout the majority of Wales. We have carefully selected a range of products from different manufacturers with years of experience that we believe are the best in the industry.

Please visit our dedicated website The Welsh Hot Tub Company for further in depth information.

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Hot Tubs and Pools